Offering hand-crafted cakes, cookies and pastries along with a line of artisan-made and up-cycled sugar related boutique items in Bremerton, Washington.

What's New

Aya Saravia, founder of Sweet Via, is competing in the Cake Designers World Championship in Milan, Italy on Oct 19 & 20, 2019.

This is a self-funded venture which rests upon the team to pay for. We ask that you kindly support us as we design, build, ship and travel to show the world that the USA has a phenomenal Cake and Chef Community.

We know how much people love sweets

Sometimes you want to eat them, sometimes you want to wear them, and sometimes you want to put them on display. Here you can enjoy every aspect of the sweet life.


Sweet Via Patisserie: a shoppe that sells edible sweets

a shoppe
that sells


Sweet Via Sweetique: a shoppe that sells decorative sweets

a shoppe
that sells

Sweet Via Patisserie & Sweetique was created by Aya Saravia, whose passion for cakes and sugar developed early in her childhood. After years of work in the corporate and culinary worlds, she is now offering simple, elegant and timeless desserts, along with a selection of sweet goodies that you can wear or put on display.

Our Chef

Aya Saravia has turned her lifelong passion for cakes and everything sweet into a fulfilling career encompassing cake decorating, high volume pastry work and recipe development. She has held a variety of pastry positions from stand alone cake shop, to convention center, and everything in between.